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Awingaway Gallery

GL1800 Mobile Service, Norfolk Wingding August 2014 GL1800 Mobile Fork Service, South Wales Wingding July 2014 Set Up At The British Treffen August 2014 Mobile Workshop, Avon Wingding 2015 Me Working

I am a firm believer in "If It's Not Right It's Not Ready".

Engine Swap GL1000 K1 GL1800 Baron Trike, Engine Out. Oil Pump Fault GL1500 Overhauled Front Callipers NRX1800 Rune Trike Replace Clutch Set GL1800 Replacement Gear Box GL1200 Frame Swap (Left Frame to Right Frame) GL1800 ADG Replacement GL1800 Progressive Springs (Top Old & Bottom New Shown) GL1800 Progressive Springs (Rear Old & New Shown) GL1800 4th - 5th Gear Failure (New & Old Parts Shown) GL1800 Oil Pump Scavenge Filter Blocked. Another GL1500 Gear Box Failure, Badly Worn 1st, 2nd Selector Fork (Gearbox No 7) GL1800 Blown Head gaskets, Major Service, Brake and Clutch Fluid Change. GL1500 EML Trike Rear Diff Overhaul GL1500 EML Trike Rear Diff Overhaul GL1200 Head Gaskets GL1800 Airbag Full Service GL1100 Head Gaskets and Full Service GL1800 Tapered Headstock Bearings GL1500 Swing Arm Replaced 1520 F6C Valkyrie Non start (Fixed) MOT (Passed) GL1800 EML Trike Diff Failure Set Up At The British Treffen August 2015

This is just a small amount of the hundreds of workshop photo’s I have amassed over the years, so if there isn't a photo of the work you require then just give me a call and I will probably have some.

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